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Mayhemist Giveaway

If you like / follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, you will earn 10 points for each page.

After you like our pages, you can earn extra points by entering your information in the form below.

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Twitter Turkey | Instagram Turkey

For more information, see "Participation Requirements and Information" below.

About the collection of points;
- When you finish Mayhemist, if you fill out the form shown at the last level and send it to us, you will have 100 points.
- When you finish a level of Mayhemist, you will earn 10 points.
- You will earn 10 points for every social media you like / follow.
- The more points you have, the more your name is written on the list. So the more points you have, the more chances you will win.

Determining winners;
- Anyone who joins the giveaway will be on a list. As mentioned above, your name will be written up to your points.
- For example, if you have 150 points, your name will be listed 150 times.
- The winners of the gifts will be determined by a random number that will be created by www.random.org. For example, in the giveaway for the gift XXXX, if 1946 comes out, the person in line 1946 wins that gift.

Date and announcement of the giveaway;
- Sınce we are a new company, this giveaway will be afforded thanks income of ads. If the necessary participation is reached, giveaway will be held. Winners will be announced on our social media pages.

Is it possible to participate in the giveaway without playing the game?
- Yes it is possible. When you like and follow our social media sites, fill out the form and send it to us, you will receive your points.

Why will the giveaway happen so late?

- Both our company and our game are very new. Enough participation will take time to reach.

What are the prizes ?
- 1x Samsung S8+
- 1x Samsung Gear S3
- 8x Video game worth $100. For example: Call of Duty: WWII - Digital Deluxe

Legion Gate reserves the right to modify and / or edit the terms of the giveaway.

Leave the social media IDs empty that you do not have any account.