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    Our Google performance test score is 99, and our YSLOW performance test score is 97.

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    We will continue to give support if you wish, after we have handed over your website to you.

Legion Gate Web Services

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Website templates and codes have already been designed. Thanks to that, we will deliver the site you want in a short time. Delivery time may be longer depending on the changes you want to make on the site.

SSL Hizmeti

The SSL Certificate service allows connections to your website to be encrypted. This makes your website a much more serious and reliable website. SSL Service only takes place from scratch on website installations and is provided by Güzel Hosting. If you want a hosting company other than Güzel Hosting, we do not give support for SSL Certificate installation.

If you want, we install a blog service on your website. We use WordPress for the blog service. We do not have any blog service support for another hosting company except for Güzel Hosting.

We support HTML5 in all of our websites that we set up. Thus, the established websites have all the features that are offered both in terms of performance and visibility. In addition, HTML5 has advanced CSS3 and JavaScript support.

We support CSS3 in all of our websites that we set up. Thus, the established websites have all the features that are offered both in terms of performance and visibility. In addition, CSS3 has improved HTML5 and JavaScript support.

We also support JavaScript, which is a dynamic programming language. The websites we have functionalized with JavaScript are much better in terms of ease of use. We set the JavaScripts so that they do not contain any security vulnerabilities and do not delay the system. In addition, we carefully place JavaScript codes in order to speed up the opening of your website.

We add your website to search engines. We also create a design and a code mechanism so that it can be easily indexed by search engine robots. Thanks to that, these robots will be able to examine your website content much more easily, and you will get much higher ranking in the search engines.

For the website installations from scratch, we use Linux servers of Güzel Hosting.. Guzel Hosting, a pioneer in the sector with its secure and fast servers, also gives 99.8% Uptime Guarantee. It means, your website will be available at 99.8% of its life. Güzel Hosting serves with both Turkish and European servers. For more information please click here.
Note: Other hosting services can be used if you wish.

We prepare your websites so that they can be opened in every browser and every device thanks to our error and performance tests. So, your users will be able to view the content of your website easily and smoothly from any browser and device.

Bootstrap is World's most popular mobile-priority and compatible front-face library. We also use Bootstrap in our website. Thanks to Bootstrap, we ensure that your websites display smoothly on both phones and tablets. We also design HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes so that they will not decrease the browsing time of your website on mobile platform.

If you would like to present your website to Turkey, we will provide Turkish support for the entire website during development. If desired, we also have a Turkish translation service after the website was published. We do not have translation service except Turkish.

If desired, we will ensure the continuity of all services after the delivery of the website. Post-Delivery Support requests only include services you have already received. For example, if you have not previously received SEO Services, you can not request help about SEO under the Post-Delivery Support package.