• Mayhemist

    Mayhemist has been published !

    Mayhemist, our game full of mysteries, has been published ! Download and play ! Finish the game and enter the Mayhemist list !

  • Android

    We are with you with our Android Services

    We're fast and perfect on Android. Our applications' Internet connection speed is 0.73 seconds and our error rate is 0%. You can also order an app and earn money from Android ads.

  • Web

    We are with you with our Web Services

    Whether you are an individual or corporate, we help you to set up your web pages. We do all of the domain name, domain, website script and design process for you.

About Legion Gate

We are fast, safe and stable!

Legion Gate team always aim to reach the best. This makes our Android and Web services fast, secure and stable. We work diligently on all of our projects. We always perform error and performance tests to our projects and we examine the results diligently. We act according to the results, and if we need to make some modifications, we get to work immediately.

We have not received any negative feedback from thousands of lines of code we have written, from hundreds of projects we have done so far. Because, our main goal is to get happy customers by working with customer focused. We also choose companies that we work with according to these conditions.

If you want to know more about us, you can check the links below.