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    The average time for Android applications to access the Internet is 2 seconds. This is 0.73 seconds for our applications.

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    Our Android applications have no bugs !

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    We will continue to give support if you wish, after we have handed over your application to you.

Legion Gate Android Services

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Reklam Servisi

We connect your app to Google's advertising service AdMob. So, Google pays you for per each ad display and click. It's also possible to track your advertising revenue statistically. It's up to you which ad format you want to show. For more information about ads and AdMob, please click here.

Hata Testi Hata Testi

In error testing, Google's paid error testing services are used when the implementation, codding and interface designs are finished. In these tests, the application is tested on 44 real and 35 virtual devices. As seen in the images, the screen shots from the testing devices, the event maps, the videos of testing stage and the performances of the tests are examined one by one. Each item of the diary is checked and solved if there is a problem related to the application. The application is delivered to you so that it will run smoothly on current Android versions.

Performans Testi

In performance testing, Google's paid performance testing services are used when the implementation, codding and interface designs are finished. In these tests, the application is tested on 44 real and 35 virtual devices. As seen in the image, CPU, RAM and Internet usage data from the test devices are examined. Changes are made in the code and / or design in accordance with the data received. For example, Google recommends a minimum Internet connection time as 2 seconds for developers. For Internet connections that take longer than 2 seconds, Google warns developers to go ahead with the code improvements. The connection time for our applications we have created using the necessary libraries is 0.73 seconds on average. We can say we are even 2 times faster than Google's recommendation.

─░statistiksel Analiz

Once the app is delivered to you, you can statistically follow the information about your users, as you can see in the image. So, you can see which days your users use your app most, which content, which category they look most. In addition, many features such as your active user count, total event count, usage rates by device are also available. We use Google's Analytics service as an analytics service. We can also connect your app to the Fabric.io's analysis service if desired. For more information about Fabric, please click here.

Bildirim Servisi Bildirim Servisi

With Google's service Firebase Notifications, you can send a one-touch notification to your users. It is possible to send notifications to users who have registered to a specific topic. There is also an option to set your notification that will be sent in future. After the notification is sent, the statistical data such as how many people got your notification, how many people clicked the notification are also displayed.

Hata Takip Servisi

We use Fabric.io's Crashlytics service as an error capture / tracking service on Google's recommendation. Once the application has been delivered to the user, you do not need to wait for the user to send any possible errors. If your application crashes on any device, this error will come with all its details to the Crashlytics system in 1 minute. You can make the necessary inspections and correct the error and / or request Post-Delivery Support from us. For more information about Fabric, please click here.

If you wish, we will design your application to obtain content from your website. This system is most recommended for RSS readers. For example, you have a blog site and you want the content of that blog to be displayed in your Android app. We develop a dynamic system that will read your blog's RSS service. So the posts you share and the changes you make on your blog are instantly visible in your app. If you want to install such a system and you do not have a website, please click here to review our Web Services.

With the help of the error and performance tests performed, your app will work the same on every Android device. For example, your users will be able to view the content without any trouble on a Samsung S3 Mini that has small screen and old Android version. Likewise, the quality of your content will not deteriorate on a Samsung SM-T827 that has a large screen and new Android version. The minimum level of Android we support is 15. The API 15 level equals to Android 4.0.3. As you can see on this link, 99.4% of devices that are active in the Play Store have API 15+. In short, our apps cover 99.4% of all Android users worldwide.

If desired, the entire application will be translated into Turkish. Your application will also reach Turkey's borders. Users who use their phone in Turkish use the application in Turkish. Those who have a language other than Turkish will use the application in English. We do not have any translation service except Turkish.

If desired, we also give support after delivery of the application. This support package covers only the service you have already received. For example, if you have not already received the bug tracking system, you can not request help about the bug tracking system as part of the Post-Delivery Support package. Application updates are also included in the Post-Delivery Support package.